Dacha is a place that heals with love

After launch of Cryptoheroes project we have got a lot of questions about children cancer detection centre “Dacha” and its specifics. So, this story is about “Dacha”

Dacha — this word became a certain password and a symbol of hope for the Ukrainian families whose children faced the scary diagnosis “cancer”. There are no white walls, droppers and a smell of drugs. Instead that — smiles, understanding of people around and parental love.

Сhildren cancer detection centre “Dacha” — one of 16 projects of “Zaporuka” charity foundation, designed to help to cancer patients to children and their families. There live those families, whose children undergoing treatment for oncological diseases in National Institute of cancer. It allows them not only to save the money, which are so necessary for treatment, but also to create the atmosphere of a cosiness, love and support.

It’s important that “Dacha” is not just hostel or hotel. For children it is the second house, where tutors and psychologists are working with families, and children play with pleasure with each other, watch movies together and celebrate the holidays. Perhaps, it is world’s only children’s cancer detection centre, where smells of hope, but not pain.

Сancer detection centre “Dacha” was opened in 2009 and during this time it accepted 1050 families. Today center is located in a leased cottage where only six families at the same time can live, and that is obviously not enough. But there is already a land plot in Kyiv suburb, where big and spacious house, capable to contain 15 families at the same time, will be built. Its construction already began, the base is filled already in and it is planned in the next half a year to construct walls and a roof of new “Dacha”. On all this 650000 euros are necessary, 250000 of which it is already collected. Each of us can help collect the missing sum, just join Cryptoheroes project.

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