Cryptoheroes are an afterword

Dear NEMbers. Cryptoheroes project is finished . Only in 10 days we collected 36,000 XEM, or more than 70 thousand hryvnias, that is several times more, that was planned initially. And it is a merit of each of you. Someone collected money, someone told about our idea to the to friends, someone helped to distribute information about us in social networks.

All of you are heroes, because only the real hero can execute a children’s dream. Not only NEM Ukraine team is grateful to you, but also Vlad, Makar, Eve, Paul and many other children who already got to children’s oncology center “Dacha” and who still there unfortunately.

But at the same time we are sure that thanks to you and unindifferent people like you, they will live in the big, light and cozy house, where 15 families at the same time will be able to live. And for cancer sufferer children and their parents it is extremely important to feel support of the people going on the same way. On the way of hope, love and belief that their child will be able to meet New Year a set of times. And this year they will celebrate with gifts, that were passed by NEM Ukraine team.

NEM Ukraine team thanks to NEM global community, wishes happiness, good luck, happy New Year’s and Christmas holidays and belief in the best.